MicroConf 2014 notes

@nagar published a very nice set of notes from MicroConf 2014:


It’s a pity there are no notes for the attendee talks though - some of those look pretty interesting in their own right.


David, no worries. They are coming. Two are already online. It’s just taking much more time than I had initially expected to get them done.
I also hope to include links to the slide deck for each presentation as I get them.

Everything should be done by today or tomorrow.


Wow - excellent. A big thanks for taking the time to do this!

Thanks for posting these!

@nagar, now if you would transcribe all the conversations I had with people…


Here’s another set of notes from another attendee: http://blog.chrisvannoy.com/tag/microconf2014/

I’m really glad both of them posted notes, because they both have different styles and reading through them I pick up different emphases.

It has attendee talks also. But I see @nagar has already added some attendee talks and it’s really well done.

@scojo NSA will be providing those :wink: If only we could get them to post here.


Thanks for posting those. I’ve already found a couple of actionable items for me from them. I really appreciate it.

I’d glad it was helpful. Hopefully, I’ll be able to add a link to the slide deck of each speaker pretty soon.

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Andrea, thanks for posting this. Thanks a lot!

I am really amazed how you and Chris Vannoy took so many good notes. During the talks I payed so much attention that I hardly wrote any note. Looking in my own notes afterwards I was frustrated I couldn’t remember everything that was said. But I am vividly reminding everything from your notes… that is awesome!

Maybe for the next Microconf it would be interesting if there was an open hackpad where everybody could write notes. I am not sure if the notes would be better, I guess not, but at least it would be interesting to see what franskenstein would come up from it.

@fredguth I must say that I was so focused on trying to register everything that I’m not sure about the actionable tips I got for me from the notes. I’ll take them out reviewing everything.

@nagar, I am sure you will get them. There was so many… I think it is normal it takes time to digest everything.

Thanks for the mention. Glad folks found them useful.

The way I looked at it: I went with the super-quick, @nagar did the super-awesome.

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Ha. It’s an old skill from my journalism days. And oddly, it helps me to remember things a bit more.

I did take stretches here and there to stop typing and just listen instead.

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@chris_vannoy Thanks for the nice words. Your notes saved me on some parts where I just got blank :slight_smile:

This is great, thanks!