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Hi all,

I have recently unveiled my latest project, a virtual assistants service. I know a bunch of people that didn’t get into business to spend all day doing bookkeeping and the like. I have a couple of people lined up (who are very good, very experienced assistants) ready to take on clients. I wanted to create a personal brand around someone that could care about your business as much as you do, and realise that we’re helping you operate a business and if we do our job badly, then you might not do as well as you could and then we lose you as a client.

I don’t want to say too much here, because that might give you extra info that I might’ve missed on the site and then I won’t get honest feedback! :slight_smile: My main competitor is – which is a £1.5 million turnover business, so I know the market is there and I know people are willing to pay for a UK based quality virtual assistant. Any thoughts and feedback will be greatly welcomed, and if you’re in the market for a VA, shoot me an email – or tell me why my site doesn’t fill you with confidence.

Thanks all.

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A few quick points:

A few case studies would be nice. You charge £25 for 1 hours work. Can that be anything? Accounting, phoning, typing? What are the charges after that one hour?

Your website is a bit too sparse. While it’s good to have simple, clean websites, you can go in the other extreme and have it so simple it doesn’t explain anything.

At the minimum, you need a pricing page (with everything clearly explained), case studies and a FAQ.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. I actually started with a much longer landing page that included price tiers for monthly packages and a list of example tasks we can carry out. I might switch back to that but also include the “Start now for £25” option for those not ready to invest a larger amount in a service until they can see the quality.

Also noted on the FAQ, I also had some client quotes on the original landing page. I shall reinstate it tonight with some additions.


@adam_griffiths The niche seems to be very promising for content marketing! Quality and authority seem to be the only natural way to differentiate yourself from a bunch of low-cost oDesk alternatives. You can branch off with guides (and even training) for other people’s assistants — this way you’ll be always #1 go-to source.

Good example: Joanna Wiebe from Copy Hackers has Snap blooming as a service, while providing training for all other writers in the world.

Does this make sense?