I’ve always thought it interesting that Ramit Sethi claims to have flown from New York to LA once a month or whatever for a 45-minute mentorship meeting with Jay Abraham, which also cost like $10,000 or something (I don’t remember). I’m not ready for THAT, but I find it interesting that Ramit supposedly did that - and judging by Ramit’s success, apparently the meetings worked.

I’ve been feeling disoriented lately and I think I could really benefit from a seasoned mentor in addition to the feedback I get from all you wonderful people.

I wonder, do any of you guys use mentors/coaches? How did you find them? Do you pay your coach?

It’s not the same thing, but a Mastermind group is among the best things I ever did for my business. You find one, two or three other people who are at a similar stage, and you meet in Skype or in person regularly.

Also, I’m a big fan of one-off coaching sessions. In 2011, I hired Andy Brice for a day to have a look over my business and give me specific steps for improvement. That was a great experience. After the session I had a feeling of clarity and motivation, and that lasted for half a year.
So in my experience, if you’re feeling disoriented, yes, you may benefit from coaching or a Mastermind group.

I wonder if there is a business idea in here somewhere…

Hired @Andy for an hour - was great.