Meetup in the UK

Following on from that other discussion, would the UK members like to meet? I’m in Southampton.

Is there a simple map type application we can use to see where everyone is? Or I could create a group.

Anyone interested?

I’m interested. But also quite lazy about travelling! So I might come if it isn’t too far from Swindon.

I have organized a few informal pub meetups here in Swindon previously. I was thinking about formalizing that through Haven’t got around to it yet, though.

I’d be interested, depending on location.

I use to run networking events in London already. It’s very good and the site does a good job of getting new people to come along each time.

I’m in sunny Bristol these days and would be up for meeting up - depending on location and timing.

I reckon the midpoint between Swindon, Bristol, Southampton and London must be … Swindon! ;0)

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I like your thinking - although Bristol is an excellent place to visit :wink:

There is a world outside the south of UK :slight_smile:

Yes - I’m a Geordie but now live in the SW. Everyone so far has been in the South however. Perhaps let us know your location rather than suggesting the rest of us don’t have a grasp of basic geography :wink:

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Ah of course! Warwickshire/West Midlands

Make it simple for everyone and meet in Lincolnshire :wink:

Hello everyone

Andy recommended this forum to me, so I just joined. We haven’t got our own company yet, but I’d love to meetup with others to discuss ideas. My husband and I tried unsuccessfully to start a company and learned a bit from it two years ago. Now we would like to do better.

We’re based in Berkshire, so would definitely prefer Swindon to Warwickshire :wink:

Simong, could you tell me more about the meetup in London, please?

See you soon

Hi Bettina - these are the events I co-run in London:

These aren’t bootstrapper specific - more a generic small biz networking event that I have been involved in for about 10 years or so.

Thanks - Simon

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Thank you, sounds really interesting! Hope to be able to attend the next meetup!

Another vote here for a meetup in Bristol, or Bath which is where I’m based at the moment.

Just today I was thinking about replicating the formula of one of my favourite meetups, the Bootstrap Lunch in Tokyo: just 5 spaces, once every couple of weeks to meet for lunch on a Saturday and discuss bootstrapping in general, with an opportunity to discuss individual goals and progress. I found that the 5-attendee limit was what made it work so well.

Would anyone in the area be interested in such a meetup?