Meetup in Swindon, UK

I am organizing a regular meetup in Swindon (UK) for people who are running (or are interested in running) their own bootstrapped software product business. Come along and talk shop with other aspiring and experienced bootstrappers. It doesn’t matter if you are developing for web, Windows, Mac or mobile.

The first meetup is at a pub on the evening of Tuesday 16th June 2015. You can find out more and RSVP at . If any of you are within reach, I would be great to see you there!

Hi Andy, I would like to attend, just sorting out the logistics as it’s a bit of a trek.

It would be great if you can make it Kevin.

Ok sorted out the logistics, will be going, good to be an early follower, lets make it a movement, see funny video

Heh. Might pass on the dancing… :smile:

12 people signed up! That is more than I expected for a first meeting given the location. Lets see how many turn up…

How did this go Andy? Thinking of having any more?

About 20 people turned up for the first one. I thought it went great.

Lots of people signed up for the 2nd one, but only 4 turned up (including me).

Only 5 people turned up for the 3rd one.

About 80 people had registered with the group, but only a fraction of them ever showed (cunningly encourages members to join lots of and then charges you more if you have more members).

So I stopped paying the sub. No-one else took it over and has deleted the group. It’s a pity it didn’t work out, but you don’t know until you try.

Another meet-up started in Swindon about the same time and they (so far) provide free food and drink!