Meet-up in Swindon (UK)

Anyone interested in a meet-up in Swindon? I am thinking of a pub that is 5 mins drive from M4 Jn 15. Only needs 3 or 4 of us to make it worthwhile. Could monthly or bi-monthly if there is enough interest.

Deffo interested in UK based meetups although Swindon for me is a bit time-consuming to get to (located in East Midlands). Even the trains have at least two changes.

Would Bristol be a better location? I’d be interested, but again Swindon from the SW is hard to get to.

Yes. If you live in/near Bristol. ;0)

@rachelandrew has already suggested that:

East mids to Swindon is quite a long haul.

Thanks for that, Bristol is still 2 hours away, but not the 3 that Swindon is. Also has good rail links so means drinking is possible.

Bristol would be a bit better for me because I have family there so can kill the proverbial two birds.

I’m just up the road in Cheltenham, so I’d definitely be interested.