Meet-up in New York: August 16th, 6pm

In Episode 44 (, Episode 44, “I’m Recording Now”), Ian lamented that there doesn’t seem to be enough podcast listeners to merit a New York real life meet-up. At least, I think it was Ian. I can’t tell the voices apart…(I’m joking guys!)

I’ll be in New York from August 15th to 18th. Who is keen for a Bootstrapped meet-up in New York while I’m in town?

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I don’t know what I’ll be doing tomorrow, much less mid-August, but since I’m nearby, if I’m available on those days, I’d love to come to an NYC meetup.

Looks like as of right now anytime in those dates works for me!

Sweet! I’ll post again just before I get to NY.

I’m 45 mins north of NYC. Would be down for a meetup but I’ll be traveling that weekend.

I’m in NYC and I should be around during that time, if it works out I would love to join you guys.

TBH, I’m surprised there isn’t more reaction on this thread, are there really so few of us in the NYC area?

Depending on the exact date, I would love to come to this!

I arrive in New York on Friday.

Shall we meet on Saturday August 16th? What time do NY folks typically meet up in the evening?

I’m staying near Lexington Av/53 St station. Who can propose a location for our meet-up?

The 16th should work for me as well. Let’s see how many folks chime into this thread by mid-week, and we’ll go from there. // cc @ian

16th looks good for me. You’re in midtown there so lots of places to meet and also good for people like me coming in by train.

What time are we shooting for?

Does 8pm sound good? Or is that late?

I’ve become so used to Spanish hours that I no longer have a sense of what’s an acceptable time to meet!

That might be a bit late since both me and Andrey have to travel a pretty good distance.

How about 6pm on the 16th here:

Perfect. There are some decent beers on the beer list.

You guys still making it to District @ 6pm? I’m hoping I’ll be able to swing by for a little while. Newborn at home limits my availability, but I’d love to meet you all.


I’ll be there at 6pm on the dot.

You’ll spot me easily. Black t-shirt, grey hair, black-framed glasses, and the slightly dazed, slightly awed look of a typical out-of-towner.

I’ll be there.

Ha, good description. I’m tall and pale, plus I look a lot like the guy in my profile photo.

I’ll be there right around 6 too.

I’ve arrived. I’m tucked away in a booth.