Meet-up in Chiang Mai

I’m in Chiang Mai for a week. Anyone else here who’d like to meet for a drink some evening?

You travel too much dude! :smile:

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Andrey, you are correct! I’m not even in Chiang Mai by plan - it turns out that around the Chinese New Year period, every travel destination within short flying distance of China is crammed with Chinese tourists, just about every hotel room booked, and every flight full. So I managed to limp into Chiang Mai from nearby Luang Prabang, Laos, to wait out the busy period.

Right now, I’d be happy to be home…

Not a peep from anyone in Chiang Mai? I guess the “digital nomads” are not into the bootstrapped forum…

Hi Steve, I’ve been in living in Chiang Mai for a few months now. If you’re still here, let’s meet up.

I’m leaving Chiang Mai tomorrow. So let’s meet up this evening. Say 7:30pm?

I’m staying in the Nimman area, close to Ristr8tto. Do you know a good place to meet?

Ah. I already have plans for tonight but how about we grab a cup of coffee at Ristr8to this afternoon? Say 4pm.

Perfect. See you at 4pm.