Mastermind group for bootstrappers

We all have common questions at this early stage. Rather than spending hours trying to figure them out band together and join a mastermind group that supports you with advice and accountability. I’m beta testing my bootstrapped software to do this. So I’m happy to give this group a trial. 1 key stipulation you need to be someone who can show up for 1 hour each week and when you set your goals - they should get done. Just let me know if you are interested and I can easily set this up on our portal.

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I am interested in taking part in a mastermind group. I would go for once every two weeks, to have time to do meaningful progress between meetings

Hi Federico,

Nice to hear from you. :grinning:

Can you let me know what stage are you in your business cycle, what is your core skill. what you want to improve on and your timezone.

I currently have 3 Masterminds running and doing a few final bug fixes over the next week and then hoping to launch this and increase the groups to 5-7.


Hi Ronan,
I am an independent consultant who is starting to add products to his business (a book for now). My plan is to move into info-products and productivized consulting as a stepping stone to move to products.
I am a software architect, so my core skill is software design and development.
I am based in France.


Hi Frederico,

Sorry for the delay.

We are just trying to finish off some additional features before we launch our beta testing.

If you sign up via eccountability dot io we can notify you in a few week when we launch.