Marketing firms for educational software

Do you know of any good companies that market educational software for high school students?


I don’t think I know of anything. However, how big of a market is it? Do highschools have a lot of cash for this type of thing?

Just some questions!


@Victory: Is this online software or desktop software?

Could I find out more info about your specific product?

@nathanlippi: It is desktop software. The name of the software is ElectricVLab (

Thanks @Victory; I like the concept of the software!

Where have you gotten customers from so far?

Also: it’s an interesting assumption that you need a marketing firm for your software – is there anything preventing you from marketing it yourself?

Patrick McKenzie talks extensively about marketing Bingo Card Creator which may be in a similar market; he may have some stuff to look at (

FYI if you’re generally getting buyers from your website, a touch up could get you a long ways. I can see that the software is probably not that old, but the website makes it look like it’s from 10+ years ago.

I wouldn’t mention this fact except that it’s relatively easy to change and it could help your business a lot!

Thanks @nathanlippi.

Our customers so far have been mostly been through organic search results or word of mouth.

You are right. We continue to do the marketing ourselves. I just wanted to explore whether it might be worthwhile to get the help of specialized educational software marketing firms. But, based on what I read on the internet so far, those firms are generally interested only in marketing expensive (as in multiple thousand $) and not low cost software like ours.

Thanks for the comments on the website. Yeah, we should improve it.

You might be able to find some takers at, though a serious growth hacker is probably going to want to see a product that is unique or best-in-class (yours may be that, I don’t know the space), or one that already has significant monthly sales.

Do you know what search keywords people are typically coming in by?

How have you done marketing so far?

There are companies which sell email lists of every guidance counselor at every high school in the country. Are you targeting teachers? Also check out quizlet, one of their blog posts may reveal the inner workings of their marketing, although I’m pretty sure they’re mostly organic.