Marketing Analytics

Hi there,

I am wondering if we are the only ones with that problem - I didn’t really find a good solution to that so far…

  • We pour money into Google Adwords and Facebook
  • We track downloads and conversions and optimize Adwords/Facebook according to the “cost of acquisition for a download” for each respective campaigns (we have a number of very specific targeted campaigns)
  • We are quite successful in creating LaL audiences in FB based on our customers - those Ads perform outstandingly well, but the reach is always a little bit of a problem
  • We use Google Analytics to track conversions and downloads and differentiate the campaigns (neatly through Google’s link builder). We also integrate Adwords into GA

However, we can only track <50% of our sales/downloads because of GA’s 4h tracking window. Is there any solution available that does not dismiss campaigns and any events after the 4h GA tracking window? Any solution that could give us a more thorough view on the paths customers take (e.g. get fixed through Facebook, find the Remarketing Ad on Google, visit the page, download the software, like it, Google the sales page and purchase it. Such a customer journey would be classified as “Search Engine Search Leads to Sale”. If we are lucky, then we find a “download hit” for the Remarketing Ad. Are we the only ones with the problem (e.g. how to create multi-channel marketing at least with FB/google and understand how effective it is)?

Any thoughts? I understand there are some more sophisticated solutions - but they easily cost >100k/year…

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