Market research: pains when writing job ads

Hi all,

long time lurker here :smile:

I think i’ve spotted a gap in the market for a tiny product I’m developing and am currently in the research stage. Basically, I think I can help startups (and not only) when it comes to writing job ads for hiring their tech team,

Before I dive deep into the building stage, I really want to survey the market and see if the pains are really there (and they are what I think they are).

Not sure if this is allowed (so forgive me if I am posting this here), but if any of you that have any experience with hiring people have a spare moment, I’d love your input.

I have a survey prepared, so you can submit your answers there:

But if you don’t have time for a full survey, I’d be grateful even if you could post in this thread your opinions on these questions:

  1. Where do your best candidates come from?
  2. What was your best performing job ad? (Why?)
  3. What were the biggest problems you had in writing the job ads?
  4. What points do you think you’re not able to get across in a job ad?

Thank you very much!