Manton Reese's series on going more independent

'For a while now I’ve been juggling working on my own projects, with my indie company Riverfold Software, and having a regular job at the education e-book software company VitalSource, where I’ve been for over 14 years. As much as I felt like this balance mostly worked, lately it has become clear that the “nights and weekends” approach to Riverfold just isn’t going to be enough time going forward. Last week I resigned from my job at VitalSource to focus on growing Riverfold and shipping new apps this year, some of the most ambitious products I’ve ever tackled.

'I thought it would be fun to do a series of blog posts about the early part of this transition. For the next couple weeks, as I wind down one set of projects and ramp up new ones, I’m going to post here with the slightly-catchy title prefix “Two weeks notice”. […]

‘But unlike the authors of those posts, I can’t claim to have found success yet. If you take Scotty’s definition from the iDeveloper podcast, in fact, I’m not “indie” at all; I expect some percentage of my time will have to be reserved for client projects to help pay the bills.’

Your link just goes to all the posts with that tag, not the post your quote from.

Yes, figured people would be more interested in the list of articles so they could pick and choose what to read than in his intro/explanatory post.

Props for the bold move! Best of luck to you!

Thanks, but I’m not Manton Reese. :slight_smile:

I am trying to wrap up my first app’s review guide and release it soon; the app is approved and currently held for developer release.

Aaaah. Now I see what you did there. I could have sworn you didn’t have a full time job when I was reading that. Ha.