Managing a remote team? Help me validate my idea/app

Hi there,
I am working on an app for reamote teams and I am looking for few people who manage such teams, or are part of those.

It would help me tremendously to pinpoint core pains and hear how the potential customer describes them.

Just hit reply, type “me” and I’ll contact you to schedule a quick skype / hangout.

Thank you for considering talking to me, it means a lot.

Michal, hello! I am not the right fit for the customer interview, but I checked out your product out of curiosity.

I am not sure at what stage you are with your app (are you still ironing out the bugs?), but wanted to let you know that when I tried adding comments on cards, every comment appeared 4 times. There were also glitches (button text overflowing, columns not being added) when adding too many columns to the board. I am on Chrome/OS X Yosemite

The refresh icon to the top right was spinning all the time, which was puzzling (I wondered - is it synching something and never manages to?). I was also slightly annoyed that there was no way to close the black feedback box completely, only to collapse it.

I loved how the board tiles reflect the layout of the cards inside! Very neat design feature. Also, good job on the landing page (I would add a bit more copy explaining the features) & the domain name - simple and straightforward.

Wish you all the luck with the project! It looks great.

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Thanks for the feedback Irina!
As you noticed, I am ironing out the kinks of the MVP at the moment.

Thanks for the homepage tips as well! I am adding some more info this week.

This looks interesting. I’ve been on the lookout for something like this but I’d want something that ties into my existing ticketing system.