Mailing Lists? Or Mailing possibly Interested People,Does anyone do it?


I’m trying to promote my software product.I do not have any experience in mailing a tailored promotion mail to a bunch of people who might be interested.I only have experience in contacting a handful of people.

Is getting contacts of possible prospects and mailing them ( using a 3rd party) a good idea?
Do you people do it?

Please advice

Yeah, most people I know do this and I also send a mail campaign to promote my software.

I use send grid to send emails and with their api. But I make sure I send mails only to the people who are super relevant to my industry.

What’s your method of discovering relevant emails? Signups or a list? I’ve never done anything but signups at my site because I hate spam so much!

Sorry, I know this is a 101 question, just very new and starting research in online marketing!

How are you getting hold of the emails? If you are just buying them off some site on the internet I would advise against that. Not only because it is textbook spamming, but the lists are generally low quality.

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Absolutely, it’s a fantastic idea that I’ve done frequently.

Are you thinking of postal or e-mail?


I scrape emails from sites where my potential customers generally leave emails ids (in comments, posts or any other source).

I scrape their whole profile their bio, location or any other info which is available. And then I filter out people (generic emails like info@ or contact@).

I’ve heard of this for years but never done much outbound cold marketing for fear of being spammy. Up to this point we’ve always just been word of mouth since we’re a local accounting firm. Working on an app now though so we’re going to have to get started with online marketing. This is an amazing article by a wildlly successful founder:

He mentions Nerdy Data and Builtwith as prospecting tools. Do you use a tool to ID good targets and scrape?

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Thanks for your reply.Did you get significant conversions from your campaigns?

Thanks for your reply.I’m just referring to normal email.Did you get any significant results?

Not blindly buying some lists.Getting leads through research.

It’s the same stuff others have mentioned :slight_smile:
I also have not tried this except mailing a handful of people.

Sure, but well-targeted mails are essential. Why not consider postal? It’s usually easier to get high quality lists for mail than email.


This is bordering on the spammy side, but some good tips that you can pick out and still be ethical.

You should try using a campaign. Or is great and finding emails and creating campaigns for you.

They have a dual podcast on how to do it. We’ve had more success with them than anything else.

Honestly, I don’t think so.

First of all, people will figure out very quickly that it’s a promotional email and will send it to a spam folder (or their spam filter will do it even faster).

Secondly, your reputation will be killed by this approach.

So, instead of mailing people try something else. You can find something that it’s interesting and useful for people (but relevant to your product) and create a mailing series (is that called newsletters?). Live the link to it wherever you can. Don’t sell anything there. Make people to go to your site and subscribe. You can insert some links later. But the first thing must create is a trust.

This is called Spam and is generally not a good idea. I’d suggest building your mailing list first using legitimate methods - signup form, ask them to subscribe when they purchase from you etc. Then market to them your software updates, new products etc. There has to be an easy way to unsubscribe.

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