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Hey ya’ll,

I currently use mailchimp for my newsletter on

In addition to my list, I have a course and book that battle for attention on my pages. @brennandunn , not too long ago, wrote about creating a plugin for Wordpress that decided what to show a visitor.

Do you know of any such tools that can be integrated with Mailchimp or other email list providers?



The link to your site in your forum post is missing the .com or whatever

Whooops. Updated. Thanks for the heads up.

I’ve been curious how to handle call to actions myself. I am setting up my blog and didn’t find anything that could do that well. I have a general newsletter signup, email course, and a free trial call to action. Each of these should be in different places probably, and not all showing on each post.

I wish I had an answer for you, but I’m in the same boat. Let me know what you end up doing. :smile:

I suspected that was the case :frowning:

I’ve been considering putting some effort in to the initial stages of a product like this. Would love to talk further if you’re at all interested.

I think it’s an interesting idea and loved @brennandunn’s solution. I think a similar plugin that supported the basics Mailchimp and Aweber could do well.

My big takeaway from his post [tangent] was that he focused on a niche (Infusionsoft customers) who already pay a boatload for software. So his price is peanuts compared to what they pay Infusionsoft. There are a lot of users on Mailchimp - but for many of them it’s free or really cheap. So any price above free or really cheap would equal = expensive.

I can think of some bloggers I know who’d love the ability to cross and upsell though.

I noticed the same. Infusionsoft customers definitely have the money and interest to pay to make them better. For sure, the avg. joe with small list may not the target audience.

Part of me feels like it could be generic enough for any provide really. And even beyond just email subscriptions. I could offering discount codes or other benefits based on previous actions (ie. came to the site 5 times over the last week) so you want to offer them something.

Do you think there’s enough small business folk on those small list providers that would make it worth it?

I’m having trouble thinking of a reason not to develop some more info and maybe gather some broader feedback, but would love some so I can put it to rest :wink:

Sorry for the delayed response @brandonhilkert. You’ve changed my mind :slight_smile: I do think the ability to show tiered promotions or features is a good idea.

Sir, you have me interested. I might just steal your idea!

Well, so with that in mind. I might as well tossed this out now:

I prototyped it this weekend and got it working on my blog. Would love feedback on the page - whether the value prop. and target audience is clear.


I just signed up. I’d chat with you about it if it helps.

My current issue is how to set the call to actions ‘default’ locations within Wordpress. I’m no designer, and would rather not hack in WP as it’s not my strength. I’m going to try a few different plugins and update it here.