Lurker, finally making accounts

Hello All,

I am a long time lurker on various entrepreneur communities. Finally making a few accounts because sometimes I feel I have been going at this for far too long without any results.

I got a day job as a developer. I have been working on a few apps, a few websites, a few other business ideas. My focus is probably scattered around too much.

Lately, I am picking up a few freelancing projects. These are giving me hope that I can get business on my own. I hope to replace my day job with freelancing projects this year. While sure day job gives me security of regular paycheck but it demands too much time. I can finish my work real fast but then I just have to pick up next task on the list. Work never ends. I cannot just take a few days off because I need some time to recharge. Yes I have generous 4 weeks vacation but those need to be planned and approved.

I am hoping freelancing will let me control my schedule. I am also outsourcing 99% of the work. This way I don’t actually code in the evening. In fact, I rarely have motivation to code after writing 8+ hours of programming during the day.

My ultimate goal is build freelancing/client business big enough where I can hire my own developers who can work on my product ideas. I have seen this route taken by several companies like HubSpot. They started off as consulting firms and end up creating their own products.

Anyways, I just wanted to say hi and share my thought process. I am hoping I can post my regular progress and stay motivated.

Happy Valentines Day!

Hey dude. I’m in about the same boat, except I’m a contractor which is kinda like your next step, except not exactly.

Anyway, welcome and good luck!

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