Low(ish) conversion rate of my Shopify app. What can I do to improve my listing?

Hi everybody,

A few weeks ago I launched my second Shopify app, PresskitHero. In the beginning (while being in beta it was free) it had about 10 installs a day and a 30% conversion rate from visitors of the listing to people who installed the app.

Since I went out of beta and introduced pricing, the conversion rate dropped to about 4%.

I am looking for ways to improve that, and I have a few questions:

Do you think I priced it too high (and thus scaring away new users)?
Do you think I should offer a free tier, to get people to install?
What do you think about the app listing? Is it convincing? Professional?

Here is the listing:

Your thoughts are much appreciated.

Hi Wolfram,

We emailed before. I’m not sure if your conversion rate is so low. To be honest I never look at my Google Analytics, I just talk to my customers and focus on improving my app for my current customers.

You seem to have a good number of reviews already, does this mean you have leads emailing you about missing features as well?

To answer your questions:

Pricing: Price is OK. For a large shop it’s downright cheap.

Free Plan: I recommend free plan over trial. I have shops upgrade to my paid plan in the first hour, so that’s half a month more revenue right off the bat. Plus seeing the % of paid/trial trend upwards over time means you’re doing a good job improving the app. Make sure the free plan is limited though, more limited than your current $6/month plan. In my app any settings change requires an upgrade.

App Listing: I see nothing wrong with it.

I was just looking at the Shopify app store and noticed that you’re currently featured. You’ve got to be happy about that.

Just venting out my experience with shopify. I spend count less hours understanding and implementing their way of getting apps written. And After spending 4 months emailing them, I have lost hope, if they ever let my app release to public.


No response from their customer service and I have no idea… what they want :smile:

yes, quite happy about that. I got a lot of new signups during the time I was featured.

Hey Peter, thanks for your reply!

Thats what I want to do next as well: work on improving the app. Before that, I just saw wanted to improve the app listing and my conversion rate from visitors of the listing to signups. I’m already seeing some improvements. What I did was to update my branding (app banner, app feature banner), improved the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1eF_yj0FcQ), added a free tier, and lowered price from 6$ and 12$ to 4.99$ and 9.99$. After a month of the new pricing I will reevaluate if going cheaper was worth it.

mh thats strange. My interaction with them was always quick and helpful. I needed to change some things based on their feedback as well before I could change my app from beta to live, but the criticisms they had was valid and I had clear instructions on what needed to be done. Since when is your app in beta?