Looking for Web/WP developer. Any recommendations?

Hi Everyone,

I am currently looking for a web developer with experience in PHP, MySQL and WordPress. Ideally he should have knowledge in customizing WP themes and setting up + customizing WooCommerce installs.

A job posting on Elance resulted in plenty of applications - way too many… :confused: . Can anybody here recommend a freelancer or agency he made good experiences with? That might save me lots of trial and error. Thanks!

If you’re looking for WooCommerce development specifically, definitely check out my friend Daniel at https://shopplugins.com/.

Great, thanks! I just contacted him.

Hello Fabian,

I would love to help with your request, just let me know or email me to basiliskan@gmail.com
I am doing WordPress Development!

Hi Basilis,
Great. I just sent you a mail.

Just in case you, or anyone else, needs to continue looking for good WordPress & Woocommerce developers, here is another great source:


It isn’t a widely-known watering hole, which makes it a little bit exclusive. Most members there seem to have learned about it after seeing https://www.facebook.com/groups/advancedwp/, a group for veteran WordPress developers. The Advanced WP group isn’t the right place to post about jobs though, so the WP Paid Gigs group was created.

Hope this helps. Good luck finding a good WP dev!