Looking for ways to expand into new markets

We’ve got quite a successful project in Russia and other ex-USSR countries.

“GSM Guard” is designed for setting up centralized units (CMU) for fixed and movable objects that use various security and monitoring systems (GSM, radio, TCP/IP).

Application areas:
• Setting up CMU for protecting any objects.
• Monitoring and controlling remote objects (heater pumps, generators, registers, etc.)
• Monitoring (tracking) mobile objects usıng GPS/GLONASS/GSM navıgation.

We are trying to conquer the Western markets with our product.

The application’s user interface and help files have been translated to English. We observe high download rate but very low conversion into sales. Please give us a hint what could be the problem? Is that the software’s specifics, or could there be something else?

It would be really great to hear your thoughts. We are open for partnership in the promotion of our software.

Thanks in advance.

Is this a software thing, or a physical thing you ship?

Do you sell to big corporations, with their purchase agents and other bureaucracies, or to small businesses?

  1. This is a software thing. The demo can be downloaded from our website, the license key is emailed to the customer upon the receipt of the payment.

  2. We are open to doing business with anyone.

Do you want to include a link? As I have no idea what you sell.


Wow. That’s a lot of small text to process. And the design looks quite old fashioned.

That might explain a high bounce rate for the website, but it doesn’t explain a low download -> sale conversion rate.I didn’t download it, so I have no idea what the issue might be. Maybe the localization isn’t good?

Yes, the web site is not modern, but also a technical product.
Localization of good quality.

Try collecting contact information and asking people why they weren’t interested?

You could expand into the weed farmer and dispensary market. They have big security concerns. They would probably need concierge onboarding / setup help however. So you’d probably want to sell to weed security firms who already help them. Or security firms in general. Probably easiest to start with states that have weed legalized. How has the reception been with physical security firms in the US? Do they already have software for this? Are you doing outreach to them to see what they think?

Seems like a useful product. Good luck!

The fact of the matter is that we have no such contacts. We need help in this.
We are also ready to consider the option of selling unrestricted rights to our product.
We will be interested in any other ways of cooperation. The goal: to increase sales.