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Looking for feedback Peakium spaces


We just launched a new sub service for our Peakium platform and looking for some feedback.

Peakium spaces is a drag n’ drop solution for setting up a subscription system in matters of minutes, whether it’s for testing out a new idea, project or selling something on a recurring or one time basic.

There is no development, you simply create a space, assign your gateways, (paypal, stripe, bitcoin, wire transfer…) and you’re ready to accept payments.

See more at

I’d love to hear if the landing page itself is explanatory enough or more information is needed to understand the concept and what it’s actually about.


I think for Spaces and your main site you need to give more details on the Global/Gateway Coverage… “Peakium works in a majority of countries” is too vague for me to give you my details!


Thanks for your feedback! We added some additional informations on the peakium spaces site. But is definitely something we’ll look into.