Looking for feedback on my landing page


Several months ago, I launched https://www.shoptolist.com with a friend.
ShopToList is a universal wish list, allowing you to track product prices, and get a notification in case the price drops.

We got 3000+ users, but we failed to gain any traction. It’s growing very very slowly.

But, we found something interesting. Several users are small businesses using the product to track their competitor’s prices.

Also, I’m a freelance developer, specialized in web scraping, and I’ve done several gigs for eCommerce website to track their competitors.

So we are now building a SaaS product for small eCommerce and marketplace sellers, to track their competitor’s prices.
I built the landing page :https://www.pricingbot.co and I’d like to have your feedback.

Is everything clear ?
What do you think about the pricing ?

We have 40 people interested in the mailing list, so that’s a good start, but we know that the ultimate validation step will be paying customers, not beta testers ! :slight_smile:



I know I’m stuck on shoptolist but I’ve thought about building something like shoptolist before and monetizing it through affiliate partnerships with like Amazon/Walmart, etc. for links to the products.

How are you currently monetizing? How are you reaching out for new users?

You might consider like a chrome plugin as well.

Hi @Tom_Hammond
That’s not the kind of feedback I was expecting haha, but I’m going to try to answer your question.

First, we do have a Chrome extension with ShopToList, as well as Safari extension, and Firefox.
We are monetizing the site with affiliate commission on each sale with SkimLink (50 000+ website are affiliated with SkimLinks.

We have organic growth with list sharing, and we did content marketing at the beginning, and lots of reddit / facebook group.
ShopToList went “viral” on reddit, we were upvoted something like 1200 times and got 15k visitors in a night.
Right now we have 3000+ users.

But as I said before, we’re pivoting from ShopToList because it’s just not working.
This business model needs hundreds of thousands / millions of users to “work”.