Looking for feedback on my Agency concept "Instagram Growth as a service for Fashion & Beauty Brands"?

Hi Everyone, I’m a new member looking for feedback for my Agency that I’m planning to launch in a couple of weeks.
We help Fashion & Beauty brands make more money using our Instagram Growth services.

We don’t sell likes/comments/followers or any other bot services typically found in the market. No point in getting those followers if they don’t engage with your brand and don’t buy from you.

We will have a team doing the stuff manually (Getting new targeted followers,likes,comments) by posting relevant content and truly engaging with them.

Part of the value we offer is our process and team. For example, I’ll be involved in a lot of the up-front research to understand the client’s pain points on how much traffic and conversions they currently get from Instagram, what can we do to increase customer engagement and more conversions and strategy etc.
The goal is to provide a dedicated Instagram Growth team without hiring a FT person to do it in-house.

We charge clients on a $X/month basis for our productised service

Any inputs will be appreciated.

The thing is, most of the people are aware of those cheap services for like 9 bucks a month and will always compare it to yours. On top of that, this is not something you will easily scale if you really want to do manually (and you gonna keep hiring people as you grow = expense).
Also, you have pretty huge competition (hundreds of services out there offering it) from the start.

Thanks Unstoppable for your reply. Agree there are many cheap bot automated services, but they are not going to work for brands. They can only get fake followers who doesn’t truly engage with your brand and buy the stuff. Also those services were/and are continue to be banned by Instagram as they are against their rules.

Yes, while scaling, I have to hire more people to do stuff, but that’s the same for any service based business that involves manual work. And that’s how we can control and deliver quality work.

Can you please let me know few companies offering the same manual service, would like to find them.
Thank you for your inputs.

Seems a good idea to me. Give it a try.