Looking for feedback - Frustration Free Online Teaching & Training

Hello all,

Teaching online is very difficult. Are students paying attention? Have they grasped concepts or sleeping at leisure? These queries take a toll on tutors.

Multiple apps are literally overkill for 30 minutes class. One app for scheduling. Different communication app to reminder. Email or phone to share assignment & results. Jamboard for white-boarding. Manually reminder to even pay attention.

This exercise makes mental tall on teachers. We’ve built Standupmeet for teaching and training.

Collaborative Whiteboard:
Super easy to draw objects. Showcase any documents on whiteboard.

Cohort Based Education:
Implement true peer learning with Standupmeet. Create multiple study zones and divide students.

Take Instant Quiz or Poll:
Are students paying attention? Have they grasped concept. Take instant quiz and learn where students are in learning.

Integrated Library & Assignments
I don’t need to force students to use Google Drive or dropbox. During classes only, they can upload assignments in library.

Share Screen, Video Conferencing
You don’t need to use different apps for sharing screen or video conference.

Standupmeet is now live. Signup for free now and share your feedback.