Looking for feedback for new onboarding process

Hi there,

After weeks of hard development work we have implemented new onboarding process in our customer acqusition tool - Colibri IO .
It works, looks nice, but there’s always something to fix :slight_smile: Could you please check it out and share your opinion? We wanted it to be slick and easy, as we noticed that choosing keywords/phrases seems to be a problem for our users.
Here’s a direct link to new onboarding process: Start

Thank you,
Caroline (I’m always happy to talk, so if you want you can also email me: caroline at colibri.io)

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I love the progress bar! It’s very motivational. I can’t fight the urge to complete that progress bar.

I like that it was letting me put in my website and get some personalized information right away. Unfortunately I didn’t get any results and it didn’t explain why. I think it’s because I don’t have enough traffic yet? I’m not clear on whether that tool is for analyzing current traffic or if it’s for suggesting phrases that would help me start getting traffic.

The pacing of letting me participate a bit before asking for my email was perfect. But why wasn’t I allowed to use my Gmail address? I would have felt more comfortable using a non-Gmail address if the site promised not to spam or share the address with anyone.

The whole thing feels very authentic. I get the impression that this company is genuinely interested in helping businesses grow. I’m sure this will take off.

Thank you, Layla!
I really appreciate your remarks about lack of explenation and Gmail case. Shared it already with my team :smile:

Colibri is doing both - it is created to help you to get valuable traffic and later measures it and shows you sources of it so you could know which efforts were effective.

Thank you very much!

Hi Caroline -

I really liked the process, it was really straightforward. I did have to go back to the site to get more context for what I was doing, but I assume anyone going through that process would already be familiar.

One thing that confused me was the KISSMetrics logo and the Calibri logo next to Google Analytics. Since you were only asking for Google Analytics connections, it just caused one of those momentary “glitches” in my head going through.

Also, I ended up skipping the Google Analytics integration, because I was so focused on completing the process and it wasn’t immediately clear what additional benefit I would receive if I took the effort to link it up.

If the goal is to get people into the app and using it, I would think that’s fine, but if Google Analytics connections are something that would increase that initial value when I first sign in, it might be worth testing whether forcing a GA integration rather than allowing them to skip would be beneficial.

For example, allowing them to skip might get more people through the process, but it might even out in terms of trial-paid conversions as more of the trial users are seeing enough value to convince them to stick around (oh, and since they’ve invested the time to integrate with something, it triggers that fear of wasted effort).

And you may be able to mitigate the onboarding dropoffs with triggered emails that nudge them back to complete the process.

I’m excited to see how this works. Looks like a nice product.

I tried going through the process, but I don’t quite understand what was supposed to happen. I skipped the Google Analytics, but then nothing happened on the last page. I didn’t get an email, didn’t see anything on the screen.

Am I missing something?

Thank you for your insights.

When it comes to GA connection, we’ve decided to include “skip it” button, just to make user comfortable. But I have to say that your point of view is interesting, especially that account looks a lot better with connected GA. Maybe we should consider some A/B testing.


Not really. Unfortunately, gathering information for each account requires some time. That’s why we had to use “notify me!” technique. Once your account is ready, we send an email with username and password. Usually it takes a day to prepare an account.
Thank for pointing that out, I will speak with development team to include a message for user who completed the process.

I’m in the same situation where I have to manually set up my customers as well. I think it hurts conversion a fair amount because you lose their attention and have to get it back.

At the very least though, be clear on your site that you will get in touch with them soon after you get it ‘personally setup’ for them. If you set up autoresponders, you can even make it seem personally sent from you.

Case in point, I got your email now about the account set up, but I haven’t gone in to try it. Now I’m on to other things. (I will try to soon though.)

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