Looking for bootstrapped enthusiasts to speak at NYC meetup

Software Executive Magazine is hosting a one-day event in NYC on August 28 for software companies. The event, Software Executive Forum, will include a panel discussion called “Financing Growth The Smart Way.” We have an opening for 2 more panelists to share their story about bootstrapping a software company.

You can check out the event website at: https://www.softwareexecutiveforum.com/

Please connect with me on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/abbylsorensen/) or drop me an email at abby.sorensen [at] softwareexecutivemag.com if you’re interested in speaking, or if you have any recommendations.

Here’s an overview of this panel:
“You’ve decided it’s time to floor the gas pedal towards growth, but you don’t have the cash to do it. What’s next? We all know the tech companies making headlines with eight- and nine-figure VC deals don’t represent the majority of software businesses today. A panel of software CEOs and founders will share realistic strategies for financing growth. They’ll give real examples of resource choices they made along the way to achieving success. You need to hear these real-world examples from your peers about how they said ‘no’ to outside money and ‘yes’ to smart growth.”