Looking for a job

I had recently too many days asking myself what I’m doing here at my current work so it is time for me to move on.

My bootstrapped projects aren’t going anywhere time soon. I’ve decided to close https://teamstatus.tv but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. The https://remotestandup.com is a nice playground for some ideas I have but it will take a lot of time to actually make something out of it.

So I think the best option would be to actually join some team and help them with their project.

Anyone hiring for a cool project? Or knows where to look for such?

It is time for a new adventure.


Sorry to hear about your bootstrapped projects. That’s rough man. But congrats on the decision to seek a new adventure!

I don’t know of any current openings but if I hear of something opening up, I’ll be sure to post it here.

Good luck sir!

On the first of every month there is a hiring post on HN. This is the one from April 1:


I haven’t used it personally, but WeWorkRemotely seems like a good resource for remote gigs.

@globalwj thanks, somehow I missed it. Seems like a good starting point.

@benedmunds yup, I was checking it today, it does have a few interesting positions. Thanks!

My goal is not to end up with yet another corporation or wanna be a corporation VC backed startup, that’s why I’m asking here - I’d love to join a small team working on their idea.

Hey there @pawelniewie

You might want to run a search or two through http://findbacon.com, a site that @andyjohnson and I put together that aggregates jobs from just over a dozen of online job boards (we work remotely, authentic jobs, etc). A quick search through that site might show you a few opportunities in one fell swoop.

Other than that, I’ll keep my ears peeled as well.

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Thanks @ryanbattles, well done!

Why not include some information about what skills you have, what kind of thing you could work on, etc.?

Recently I’ve been doing Rails with some AngularJS (projects mentioned above) and a lot of Java EE, a bit of iOS and Mac development (I really enjoy Objective C).

I have experience leading teams and projects. I have a rich history of 10+ years as a software developer including episodes with Python, PHP, C and C++ (those were the days ;-))

I prefer full stack but I’m definitively stronger on back end, my dream would be Rails with some AngularJS, a bit of Objective-C, and some server hacking/provisioning to mix things up :wink:

Here are couple of links about me



Also try http://careers.stackoverflow.com/