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Logology is a new type of logo generator.

The idea originally came from my co-founder Lucie. She has been working as a typographer and logo designer for 13 years. Specialized in custom branding, she noticed how most entrepreneurs lack the budget for it. They end up settling for low-quality alternatives.

In 2018, we decided to solve that. We rethought the way an online logo generator should work. Instead of generic icons as logos, we only use our designs. Instead of random fonts and colors, we tailor everything beforehand.

Logology is the most affordable way to get a designer quality log o when you’re just getting started.

Feel free to check it out. As we are still in beta Feedback and questions are VERY welcome!

I don’t know if this feedback will come in handy for you, but after looking at it and trying the questionnaire, I had some feedback that I thought would be great for my readers too, and so I wrote it up in a post:

The specific options I propose might increase the word of mouth or perceived helpfulness of the product, but really, it’s the analysis of the mental push and pull forces of the visitor that I think is the key point to think about.

Reactions? Pushbacks?


Hey Pascal, thank you SO MUCH for the feedback! It’s very helpful!

It’s very interesting to see that you feel like you (or a customer) might need to prepare the branding questionnaire. Does it felt too intimidating?
Is it too complex?
We tried to make “fun” and we don’t really have to much bounce during the questionnaire. However, we do have some people that don’t even get started.
Do you think we should provide some free resources to help them, and keep them in the loop?

Regarding option #2 that’s definitely in our roadmap, it’s kind of hard to set up but we want to diversify our package options with a premium one where you’ll be able to get custom work from a designer.

Salut Xavier

I can’t say those things about the overall questionnaire, but rather the developing feeling of going through it.

Before I started:
“Hrmm, I’m not sure I know how to answer the questions in brand discovery questionnaire”

I decided to give it a go:
“Okay, that’s not so bad, I know the name at least”

Here, I had to pick a category. What went through my mind was:

“What if I pick something that’s not quite it?”

So I picked something and felt I might have made a mistake. Cognitive load++

“Progress 2/16??? Ughghh…”

And each step after that had me picking something I wasn’t sure, Cognitive load++, etc.

So from my feedback so far you could be thinking you have to:

  • reduce the number of progress steps
  • make the choices less cognitive-heavy or something

But that’s not what I’m suggesting here. I think these are taxing the user, are actual super great questions for the users to ask themselves, but the user will very likely blame themselves. “I’m not good at this stuff”.

So my Option #1 suggestion is to offer a PDF they can take with them so they can prepare those important-yet-difficult questions and that will address that new mini-struggle that logology (the app) has just now created.

They’re on a journey to get a logo. They started a new sub-journey to answer a questionnaire (which they would if they went with a professional logo designer anyway, so they’re thinking “yeah, I’ll at least have made some progress on that deeper thinking anyway, regardless if there’s a good logo at the end”), but they feel push-back pressure when going through the questionnaire.

So: on the sub-journey of the main journey, mini-struggle encountered…

Then the app will be responding with this offer:
Here’s a PDF to take with you if you’d like to give these questions more thought

They’ll either choose to open it right now, or say “no, I’m good, I’ll plow through”.

If they open it, they’ll see what lies ahead, see it’s no big deal, plow through – or they’ll say “yeah, lots of thinking to do”.

The success of logology right now is bound to a binary success metric: they have or have not obtained a logo.

My suggestion is to make it a multi-finish-line product because of the mini-struggles that occur that the super-attractive journey logology has laid out ahead for the visitor.

Make it multi-“product”, and you’ll have more heroes to share the good news.


Hey @pascallaliberte, we just launched a new pricing page. You should like it :slight_smile: https://www.logology.co/pricing

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Oho! Très bien très bien.

I might make a follow-up deep-dive on the blog next week on this.

But quickly, these options create trade-offs in the mind of buyers coming from different starting points, and each option creates sub-struggles the other option catches. I like this a lot.

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I can’t wait to read your insights about it!

Right at the bottom of the screen where the app poses the question “Want more choices?”, I’m wondering what you think of adding an option to get an invite to join the custom design beta.

The users aren’t going anywhere, august is around the corner, they’re likely considering doing their own logo or trying another competing robo-logo-service, but that option would be very appealing. They already got the lingo and the personality traits down pat. They trust the look and the style, it’s just not quite there, not as unique, as distinctive. The price is right too.

At that spot, there’s a tension, trade-offs being made in the mind of the user. More so than on the pricing page! This is where the mini-struggle happens.

That’s my take.

Hey @xavier, it’s been a couple months now. How’s the new change working out?

Man, I just used your site to create a logo for a new project and that was FUN! Great job on this site!

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@xavier Just saw that Dagobert posted an update on this in IndieHackers. Fired a customer for the custom package huh?

Does that mean the custom package is going to go back to the drawing board?

@pascallaliberte I’m no longer working at Logology. I saw that post as well, don’t know what’s the plan here

Any feedbacks for my logo on thelogomaker.in ?