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When I started Poker Copilot in 2008, I paid $250 + fee to run a design competition on CrowdSpring. Most entrants were underwhelming. But at the time it was much cheaper and easier than the main alternative, which was using the services of a designer.

In 2016 there’s a much better option: Logojoy - you may have seen it indirectly yesterday on Hacker News.

For $65, you get a quality logo to choose out of many designs generated “using artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms, and a few other fancy technologies.”

I’m putting my money where my mouth is: I used Logojoy today to create the logo for my upcoming new SaaS product.

(File this under “persistent downward price pressure”)

Edit: Maybe hold off before buying from this site. They seem to be crumbling under an avalanche of traffic.

Looks neat, can you show us the logo you created?

I haven’t used logojoy, but I’ve paid this guy on Fiverr for logos and had a good experience. https://www.fiverr.com/scorpion6/make-any-kind-of-logo-design

In case anyone is weighing different options.


THanks for posting! Creator of Logojoy here. Let me know if anyone has any questions.

Nice to see you here, Dawson.

BTW: I bought a logo from your site but got no invoice, and didn’t the promised EPS format. I’ll also sent you an email about this. Are you aware of this? Any news on resolving this?

Steve, sorry about that, we were experience some issues because of the influx of traffic. Sent you the invoice and just preparing your logo files now, will send it over via email within 15 minutes.

We’re implementing some changes in our download process so this won’t be an issue by the weekend.

Thanks again for trying out our service! Let me know if there’s anything else I can do.

Thanks for taking care of this. I imagine the influx is running you off your feet. Nice problem to have, although you are probably not enjoying it so much at the moment!

Looks neat, can you show us the logo you created?

Will do so in a day or two…

You can see it here in a non-colourful rendition: http://featureupvote.com/

I assume the logo included the font selection? Because the icon itself exists, for example, in Font Awesome.

I forget exactly. I do remember that it came in a range of sizes and formats.

Good to know the icon is in Font Awesome - it increases the ways I can use it.