Live launch of my product - deadline in 90 days

Greetings all,

So I had an idea on Saturday (2017/04/22) and I decided to go about it another way that I would normally do it, just do it.

I got some inspiration from Russell Westbrook breaking the record for most triple doubles with his statement “Why Not?”

If you are sick of reading blogs and watching training videos, hopefully this thread will give you some inspiration and real life guidance.

So this is a scratch your own itch product, it is something need all the time but there is no product out there that really fits the bill for me personally.

I will update this thread as I go, a live launch as you will :slight_smile:

The product name/domain is: not just yet sorry lol


April 22nd Saturday

"Why not" kind of popped into my head - let’s make a MVP of this thing that I really want to build. I searched around for a name that I liked and registered the domain name.

So I have been working on this “long-term” SaaS app for about 1 year now on/off, so I have allot of experience will setting things up the way I want it. And but that I mean AUTOMATION. I can’t stand to repeat doing things over and over, so b/c of this I was able to get allot of done in a short period of time.
Here is what I did on saturday.

  • find a good domain name/ app name that I like
  • update the DNS to AWS
  • setup the automation of my app’s dns, ec2 servers, database and filesystem.
  • setup SSL on the domain
  • rails new xxx -T --database=postgresql
  • fired off an email to rackspace to setup my domain and email

April 23rd Sunday

Today I wanted to get something live as soon as possible. I am a very visual person and once I see something live - no matter WHAT it is - it gets my creative juices going. I was able to get my deployment process setup on AWS to push code out to my server. This is a MVP, lean and mean as it gets so I really didn’t care that my default page was showing the usual rails home#index view content :slight_smile:

Now that my app was somewhat setup, I did a git init and setup my git server and pushed my first commit.

I am not a stickler for this project just yet, so this is all spike coding with 0 tests!

April 24th Monday

So this is where I can’t really say what I did as it will expose the idea - and I am waiting to get a simple homepage designed / launch page before I will go into more details.

But my app is live, I setup the load balancer with the domain and it is up and running.
I got to ssh into my box and run some rake tasks/console just to make sure I can connect to the db if need be for one-off emergency tasks.

April 25th Tuesday

Today I wanted to get a skeleton structure of the admin section where users will log into. So I setup and account model and very basic authentication.

git merge feature/admin_skeleon

April 26th Wednesday

git checkout -b feature/themes

Started a new git branch to work on a custom theme engine. I was able to get allot done in a very short period of time once again b/c I have been mentally going over this for a few months prior :slight_smile: .
I have a very rough prototype of it working locally, just going to start working the the admin piece so I can edit themes w/o having to push changes to the app.

I hope you guys enjoy this thread, I am pretty excited to publicly commit to this.


Sorry if this isn’t worded that nicely, I just though of this idea and fired it off :airplane:

More to come…


account setup
plans with stripe
session handling




April 27th Thursday

So I continued working on the git branch feature/themes. Because this was in the admin section I ended up having to code some mock objects for the admin user who is logged in, along with what account they represent so it loads the correct data for them.

I was able to pull in the same admin html template from my other project, so I now have a decent looking admin section which again gives me some encouragement (I’m a visual person!).

Here is a quick screenshot of what the theme editing looks like so far:

It isn’t production ready yet but just having a decent looking template goes a long way.

Next up I think it is time to work on the account, session, permissions and then plans + stripe integration.

I will probably be going back and forth between those features as the need arises, but I hope to get them done in the coming 2 weeks as allot of the code will be pulled in from my other project.

Thanks for taking this little journey with me :slight_smile:

Why do you need to integrate Stripe? Worry about taking payments later.

Features that get me paid are classified as important. This is code I have already written before so there isn’t much discover or wasted time either way.