Listing user reviews on your site

I was surprised to find out one of my products had a good number of reviews on G2:

Not quite sure how they got there I did not ask the users to review. But it got me thinking I need to start using reviews better. I found this product that lets you collect reviews from all the major review systems and create a widget to put on your site

You can see it in action here:

Repuso works quite well, and it is good value compared to a paid plan with the review providers. Trustpilot wanted to charge one of my clients $180 a month for one of their plans, with repuso I got a pro plan for $12 a month and I can use this to cover all my sites.

Repuso lets you filter out negative reviews and it can collect from several review sites and merge them into one widget that constantly gets updated with new reviews.

I think I now need to setup an automatic email to email users a week after they buy to ask them for a review. You can use zapier to send scheduled emails

Anyone using reviews effectively? Any tips on which review sites are the best to list on?

Bit of an aside : I keep seeing adverts on Facebook from G2 offering $10 Amazon vouchers for leaving reviews.