LinksSpy - Income Report February 2015

Hi folks,

I published my latest income report.
I’d appreciate any and all feedback.

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I think you have prematurely turned on the ‘scaling mode’.
At this amount of customers and MMR, you should be talking/emailing them personally and looking how to improve the product more. This is your best churn busting technique at that stage.


Yep! Totally agree with this. Until your churn rate is much lower, don’t try to create scale. Just make it work and get feedback. You’ll probably be doing this for several months, FYI.

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Hi @borisyankov & @daverodenbaugh.

Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it.
I’m working on the thing (too infrequent emails/updates) that most people told me causes low engagement. We’ll see if that improves things.


Thanks for sharing this data. What are blogging services and were they useful?