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LinksSpy.com - Monthly Income Report November 2014


Hi everyone,

I just posted the newest income report for LinksSpy.com



I will disappoint everyone around me and be ridiculed forever

:slight_smile: You should (re)watch “Attack of the Killer App” episode of Futurama to remember that Internet shame is very short-lived.


Nice! Of all the marketing channels you’ve tried, what’s your best source of signups so far?

Also, if you get a freelance developer you want to keep, give them more than 5 hrs/week of work so you can remain a priority for them. Everybody has trouble making “small” projects a priority, and great devs have loads of good projects competing for their attention, so they’re likely to wander off. I’d shoot for something like 15 hrs/week, minimum.


Hi Corey,

best marketing channel so far: SEO - i.e. producing content and getting links to it.
You have almost complete control over the channel, it is repeatable, and the long-term ROI is massive.

Re “developer”: It is working good so far (hard to tell after ~ 1 month) and my developer is working full time in a startup of his own. I don’t think he wants to give up on the startup :smile:



Ah ok - sounds like a great arrangement for both of you then. Thanks for posting these updates.


Nice work and a nice jump in mrr. Is there a special factor you attribute that jump to or a combination of things snowballing? It sounds like the seo/content marketing is really helping out. Is there anything special you do when a new article is posted to get the word out or is it all just organic?


Nice work man!! That’s a solid revenue bump!


I am impressed by how quickly you are growing. Good luck in getting that churn down!


Hi Derrick,

Much of the revenue bump came from people who found LinksSpy through ProductHunt.

My articles are mostly written by a freelancer who has a bit of an audience, so he promotes them to his audience as well. Additionally, I try to send them my existing email list, but somehow I forget about that practically every week.



Hi Christoph, it was great to meet you at Microconf – congrats on the early growth of LinksSpy! Look forward to following your updates. Cheers, David


Thanks for sharing this. It’s really helpful to see behind the scenes and the raw numbers!