Income Report for August 2014

I guess I’m going to start a new monthly series where I will publish my income reports for LinksSpy.
Mostly because I got some great feedback and was told that it really helped people.
So here’s the one for August 2014:

Any feedback welcome!


Thank you for making this public. It’s really helpful to see, as Nathan said, “normal” revenue figures. I also enjoyed the note about doubling your rates. I’m wrestling with the question of increasing my prices this week, too.

Thank you for the transparency. My first kick at the SAAS can is hovering around the same mmr as yours but it’s taken about 11 months to get there. It’s been almost a year of trying to find time to make adjustments and then figuring out what to do. It’s encouraging to see others down in the trenches. Reading about the outliers is great but reading about someone else’s efforts I can really relate to is a good encouragement that I’m not alone on the slow and steady SAAS ramp.

Keep up the great work.


I’ll have to update the report, because my astonishing increase was based on my biggest blunder ever: I kept charging customers who canceled their subscription. :frowning:
But for the moment I’m pretty much in damage control mode, so not much time for writing

Good luck. Hopefully the damage isn’t to severe.

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