LinkedIn scheduling app


I created a LinkedIn post scheduling app (MVP). There are a bunch of them, but I wanted to create a better version (more simplified design and not so many features).

It took me a ~1 week to create the prototype, but almost a few months to understand what the idea should be (initially, it supposed to be an Instagram planner tool).

Does any of you use scheduling tools? If so, what improvements are you looking for? What disadvantages do you see in those tools?

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Welcome @appleman, to our forum!

I guess your competitors are products like Buffer, HootSuite, and Meet Edgar?

What’s your unique take or market positioning against these companies?

(Oh, and feel free to post the link to your app.)

There are a ton of competitors (most popular are those you’ve mentioned) and I can’t compete with them now, because of the lack of crucial features. I’ve released an alpha version and currently gathering feedback on what real users want to.
My goal was to create a tool that does one thing well (scheduling) without overcomplicated UX flows and to validate if the product could compete on the market.
So, actually, I don’t know how to position the product on this market.

The forum still doesn’t allow me to put the link :frowning:
Let’s try this