Lifetime License Desktop Software - Customer asks for new Key due to System Crash after Years

In most cases, this is a non-existent problem, most people just use the software on their own machine(s). You seem to be protectingagainst the case when Google buys one license and installs it on a gazillion of their computers?
A possible solution is to limit the number of key usages for a certain period, for example.

Thanks for sharing the details. It certainly helps :slight_smile:

My business bought Salon Iris software to manage appointments and client info and after a windows update, the software wants me to re-activate. But I can’t. I called them. they said they no longer support this version and I have to buy new subscription. And they don’t offer lifetime version any more.
We paid $899 in 2013, the receipt said “FREEUPDATES Free updates for one year and unlimited maintenance releases for life” and “FREEEMAIL Free e-mail, webinars, & web-based technical support for life”
How can I get them to re-activate my software? my client info is important.
Can I take legal action?

Thanks a lot.

Not a lawyer, sorry. Also, not sure what’s the difference between free updates and maintenance releases, that wording is strange. Them offering maintenance releases for life was stupid, as technology changes and it may be impossible to support all these old versions.
That said, it’s been 7 years. Do you really expect them to help you out forever? You may try to pressure them (I don’t think I would).
In my business, we have upgraded the encryption on our server and very old versions can no longer activate. I have no intention of downgrading security on our server as old protocols are no longer secure. Also, it’s impossible to recompile old versions with new protocols as the product is complex. I instruct occasional users with the problem to upgrade to the latest version (and pay for it).

Do what you feel is right.

I would. That’s what they offered when Ethan bought 7 years ago, and since they’re still in business, they should honour their deal (ie.grandfathering). Hopefully they don’t offer that deal to customers these days.