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Let's talk .app


All the ones I wanted were $499 so… I passed. Got my friends to upgrade their domains though.

Anyone care to share their best acquisition. Best one I know if is level.app. Now I’m even more hyped about the product :grinning:


So if you have postmark.app and you want to run an SMTP service, I’d guess you’d run into trademark and legal challenges with postmarkapp.com .

Agree with @rfctr that the TLD concept is partially outdated. I see more and more non-technical users not using or recognizing the url field in the browser and just typing urls directly into the google search field.


yeah, I keep going back and checking, got the price wrong, actually £369 so about $500, think i’m gonna have to get the plastic out.

my main ones are two worders (WebsiteWatchdog.app, TranslateManager.app, socialknow.app) but this is a single 7 char word, it’s gotta be worth it, right! LOL


I got hold of a few varitions of .com domains that I expected to get snapped up


I expected those ‘major’ players to pick those up. These were registered on may 8th after general release.

Will I use them, Nah, will I redirect them to websitewatchdog.app, Nah, they are going up for sale :slight_smile:

Don’t wanna get into the trademark battles so will not associate them with my service but if the .com owners want them, then I’m open to (very reasonable) offers :wink:

Just wish i had more spare cash available to sweep up the ones I thought of, sad times :frowning:


Have to say I’m with Ian on this. The .com TLD is dead and used up pretty much. I think .com will become known as the old ‘corporate’ site TLD and the .app will be the actual ‘do something, sign up for something, give me some value’ TLD


I have to say I think .app is the reboot of TLD’s that we have all been hoping for and what we’d hoped for with .co, .io and .online (yep I have a couple of .online’s)

.co confuses the average jane or joe internet user and they will usually add the ‘m’ for .com

.io, geared towards the tech industry, not great for targeted buyers who are marketers, sales managers etc

.net sounds odd as if it’s related to internet stuff and not consumer or business stuff

.online, WTF! when has anyone built something of value or popular on a .online

.com still rules but I think in a world of ever-increasing SaaS and ever hard to find .com then .app is right up there for front of mind / natural recognition of a ‘website’ that is an application and not a corporate brochure site.

I personally think there will be a shift from ‘make do’ TLD’s such as .io, .net, .co, .online etc to .app and that’s what I’m doing (still gonna have to keep those damn .io domains though, screw the .co’s and .online’s LOL)

just my 2cents


Of course, that would be infringing on their trademark. However, if I run a site where you can buy vintage postmark letters or a law firm named Postmark or whatever it isn’t.


I have color.app, smile.app, support.app, helpdesk.app, if.app, hud.app, autopilot.app, some others…

I stayed away from branded words and kept it to generic dictionary words for the most part.


Hahah, dude, I knew it! Looked at those domains after seeing this thread and saw the link pointing to ian94.typeform - “oh, wait, I know who this is!” :slight_smile:

PS. haven’t registered anything, missed the party totally… :frowning: Should probably register “jitbit.app”, huh

PPS. I’m with @rfctr here, ever since browsers’ address bars started pointing to google search - the domains became (kinda) outdated.

PPPS. registering trademarked domain names doesn’t really work, figuratively speaking they already own it.

PPPPS. saw similar discussions when ‘.io’ ‘.co’ ‘.ly’ etc. came out.



Yeah you should at least grab Jitbit, I’m sure it’s only $14.

Depends what the trademark is for, it’s not correct they they have access to the name just because they have a trademark. It depends what’s done with the domain. Many words have hundreds of trademark owners in all different fields. Just think about all the big domain name purchases you’ve seen. If it was just that you could take them why didn’t Basecamp do that or Facebook, or Snap, etc. They all purchased big domains for big $ even though they have plenty of lawyers. Where you get in trouble is if you are a squatter and put ads up, ads for competing products, porn, etc. As then you’re attempting to cause damage to a specific trademark holder.


Wow. Okay, you win. Esp color.app… you could probably raise $41M in first round of funding