Leasons learned: 3 Years Bootstrapping a Business

Hi everybody!

Following the current trend I’ve written up my successes and failures of 3 years of bootstrapping my software business. I’ve written this mostly for myself to reflect and set goals for the next year but if anybody is interrested here is the link:


Happy Hollidays to you!

(Sorry about my english, it’s not my first language)


It’s encouraging to read a success story like this. I’m close to launching an app but I’m not sure it will make any money. I’ll give it a few months and start a new project if it doesn’t take off.

Thanks markh :smile:

Actually it does not feel like such a success from the inside,… But I’m still happy with it :smile:


New bootstrapper here
My question is how do you know when to stop?
Ie to stop and existing project and start a new one?

Do you set a number or a timeframe ?

Thank you