Learning to plan and deliver my MVP the hard way

I wanted to learn how to create and deliver a project that was simple enough for one person to build and something people wanted. I went through the process of identifying ideas that were worthwhile to build and chose one TrixCamp.

Essentially for me it came down to identifying these things:

  1. Why - Problem you’re having
  2. How - Solution you’re proposing
  3. What - Benefits it will provide
  4. Goals - Short and long term ideas about what your project will achieve.
  5. Income - Subscription, ads, single purchase, hourly or is it for fun?
  6. Minimum Viable Product Features
  7. Ideas - For the long term what would be beneficial features

The learning project I built was called TrixCamp. A simple, distraction free writing app based on Basecamp’s trix-editor.

I documented the process in a couple blog posts but this was the best one.

The more elaborate version of the above.