Launching soon, do you feel my site is ready?

Hi folks, I’m working on an SaaS idea that would productive digital animations for digital signage in the financial services space. The site is pretty much wrapped up, and I’m now working on loading content.

My idea is that digital signage is time consuming and difficult to learn. Most businesses need similar content and want fully animated videos. The hardware solutions almost all have content templates included, but these are flat static images and don’t fully utalize technology. Plus as a marketing VP I’m not certain they want to spend the time learning to use a template building interface.

Fast, timely, unique, and totally engaging content. What’s not to love, right?

Of course, I’ll continue to load content, keeping things fresh and growing the database.

Am I crazy for trying this? Is it understandable? Does it look appealing? Thoughts?

Please take a look and let me know. I plan to go live in early April.

The site is secondlookdigital .com

Thanks for your time, Jim

In looking at the site and watching the video on the home page, I’m still unsure what the products do. How about at the top of the page an autoplaying video or animated gif showing a website before using your products and after, not a conceptual video like the one you currently have? Then maybe have the products and prices information, instead of having that at the top?

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Like @steve, I can’t tell exactly what you are selling.

Something else that stands out to me is how many times the page is talking about you instead of your customer. I get the sense that even if I did know what the product was, I wouldn’t feel compelled to look further because I honestly cannot answer, “what’s in it for me?”

Perhaps try writing benefit-driven copy that speaks to them - about them - and shows them how your thing will make their life better somehow. (

I do like the clean, crisp design. Please post an update if you decide to rework the copy. Good luck!

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Hi Jim,

The first thing I notice is the page is quite busy. And I think you should test a static headline vs the current automatic sliders. I’ve seen automatic sliders kill conversions so many times from our tests.

So I’d test a static headline that focuses on a single benefit & a single value proposition.

I also don’t understand what the product really does. But maybe that’s because I’m not in that space.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be working on making the product clearer. I predicate your help.