Launching - sharing panoramas

I am currently creating a service called PanoPanda.

This service allows professional photographers and anybody with a modern smartphone that has panoramic photo ability to share the high resolution images in their full glory. Up until now there was no other website dedicated to sharing large scale photos and that would work in any browser including mobile.

The website will be free for the first 100 users, after that a few options will be launched to accommodate a wide range of photographers and agencies.

When an large scale image is uploaded from a phone or from a computer it goes through a process that will split the image up in small tiles that are then put together depending on the zoom level that you are viewing the image with. This allows browsing the photo in superb detail without compromising quality or the vast size of it. You can view an example here:

You can try the site right now, browse through the panoramas featured on the home page or upload your own high resolution images. The photographers keep the copyright of their photos so that their work is not compromised.

Please let me know what you think about this service. Would you or somebody you know use it? How much should I charge for it when I get some traction?


Exciting photos and the service!

If I was a property owner (hotel, commercial space, …) I would certainly consider to place a panoramic view around my property to my site (if it looks good, of course), providing that:

  • PP would server those images faster, way faster than a standard WordPress
  • PP would handle all the pesky details like the device resolution and scaling/splitting into small images

Essentially, I believe you need to have a WP plugin or a general HTML widget similar to image slider, but to show the selected image served from your site.

The price? Hmm… may be a choice of unlimited license for $$, and annual subscription for $. I do not think it worth to go for a monthly one - properties do not live that short.

Good luck!

P.S. One small thing though when scrolling: the image can be pulled up or down even if there is no more pixel left on top or bottom; not a big deal, but somehow it is psychologically annoying. :frowning:

I’m sorry, but I have to disagree. 360Cities has been sharing large scale panorama and photos since 2007 [disclaimer: I used to work as their Tech Lead for 4 years] Actually, they share (and sometimes create) some of the biggest images that can be found online, including multiple World records for the biggest panorama.

Currently they have several thousand contributors, millions of image views every month across all devices, have multiple mobile apps in multiple platforms, and host close to a million images, including panoramas taken in Mars.

Your new service looks good and exciting, but there is no need to say that it is something new or unique.

Good luck with PanoPanda!