Launching our first SaaS

So I was a regular round here and then CSS Grid happened and I got swallowed up by that for a while (still am really) but in the midst of it all, and still working on Perch Drew and I have been working on our first SaaS product. We’re in the middle of a slow launch.

It’s called Notist and is an application for public speakers. We figured we know about content management and we know about public speaking. You can see my profile and some of my talks listed here:

Anyway, I mostly just wanted to say hello again, and maybe grab some sympathy for all the things you have to do as well as build the thing :smiley: if you speak and fancy grabbing you username you can do that on Notist already and we’re slowly adding people in. We’re at the start but hopefully we’ll have some interesting things to share as we get this thing out there. It’s a very different beast to Perch so should be fun.


It is notably hard to understand what your talks are about (at least the Well, this is suboptimal) because the slides have no texts, and there are no outside summary for each slide either. Maybe that should be a future feature.

Good luck with your SaaS!

Yep we have that - if you go to the actual slides page

And you have the option of importing those from the speaker notes field of the deck, not just from the content of the slides (which a lot of speakers don’t have much of, if it is all images).

Huh, I see, thanks!

I thought that clicking on the slide itself would bring me to this slides page, but it did nothing. Finally I noticed that small “map” icon under the slide.

I may have a wrong expectation, but I think that the click on the slide should open the slides page.

Good move, Rachel. I’ve also transitioned recently from selling a product with a one-off purchase to running a SaaS. I’m kicking myself for not having done so years earlier.

Notist is cheap. Is $9/customer/month enough to sustain this? Or are you intending to add higher-priced plans?

we’ve done the math :wink:

We also have teams. POA.