Launching ? - Feedback welcome!

Hi all,

I am currently working on a new idea and now its time to step out of the shadow. Since I didn’t want to invest too much development time upfront I set up a product page and hopefully build a launch list:

As I could see some very experienced people are hanging out here and it would be great to get some feedback on the idea itself (useful? potential?) and also on the presentation (homepage? wording? etc…).

Thank you very much!

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Link not working. Describe?

I can’t put a link on the first post =/ So you have to copy/paste it, sorry.

I like the idea and think your site does a good job of explaining its purpose.

Though I wouldn’t personally use it (certainly not at $50 a month+ it just wouldn’t pay for itself).

Whats your plan for marketing it?

I would imagine that the biggest perceived benefit would be on checkout pages (easy to imagine the lost cash) so maybe thats both

  • A development target, integrate with some popular e-commerce platforms rather than being a general forms app.
  • A niche to market with - would be easier to start targeting users of “XXX e-commerce platform” than keeping very general.

@Rhino: Thanks for your response. Got a couple of visits but your are the first one giving me some feedback…really appreciate that!

With regards to positioning I wanted to stay away from the focus on “shopping cart reminder” and pure “form analytics”. The idea is to focus on being like a “cart reminder but for normal forms” and also on the “partial submission”.

On the marketing side I had two directions:

  • My first idea on the marking side was to create a WP plugin that would offer the “field analytics” for free and have the “partial submission” and reminder feature as a paid version. Of course I would need to change the page a bit for that.
  • The second is to target webpage that generate leads (car insurance, comparison websites etc.) where each submitted form means money. But I am not quite sure how to start here, cold emails might be a struggle I guess.

Any advice would be helpful =)

I think the site does a pretty good job of explaining the idea and the value.

I think it might make sense to start narrower. I.e. Target the car insurance lead websites. Then broaden out from there.

I was struggling to figure out whether this would be a good fit for my saas app (which as it turns out does abandoned cart stuff for ecommerce).

Was thinking that in many cases id prefer that they find docs as opposed to filling out a lead form. But I’m not very sales driven and I may be wrong on that approach.

Helpful tool for B2B and lead gen businesses. Here’s a competitor I tried

$50 is maybe even too low since a lead is usually paid with at least $10, I have an affiliate marketing background and I used to promote biz-opp offers. I might even become your competitor :smile:

SaaS is definitely not your target market, so don’t take the advice here as advice from potential clients.

@Virgil , thanks for you reply and hint to the competitor. How was your experience with Scribr?

@all: Also, what is your angle on the privacy concerns. Because I would send an email without a submit button pressed or a t&c checked.