Launched PitchIt. Looking for feedback

PitchIt allows you to present your slides to anyone, any time on any device. There are no plugins to install, it works in a browser and on all devices.

I personally find talking or presenting on a topic is much less intimidating when I have visuals to reference. As a result its usually a better for the other person(s) in the conversation as well. You know what they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words!

Interestingly enough this was built out of an internal tool we used to Pitch our previous product :slight_smile:

What do you think it?


2 second impression of website - The font and layout of the website looks clean and modern. But the images don’t seem to match, They seem quite ‘noisy’ and cluttered.

I’m no web design expert though, so take that with a pinch of salt.

Following Andy’s comment, I think your banner image is “wrong” if there is such a thing. It immediately felt weird to me. All those strong lines in the architecture add a lot of clutter but the image mostly just shows a huge empty hall. Also the blueish/greenish tint feels off.

I think your other images are really good. They have impact and meaning which is what you want if you are to keep eyeballs on the page.

Also, your “play” button in the banner takes your hard-earned visitor to YouTube. I think that’s risky. Once you’re on YouTube you start watching other vids, and then … what was I doing again? You might never see them again.

The idea itself sounds interesting. Good luck!

Great feedback thanks.

RE: the play button. Its supposed to open an Magnific Popup and play the video without leaving the page. Did you access it via mobile or a smaller screen ? (I think under 700px it goes to youtube.)

I right-clicked to open in a new tab for some reason. Presumably most of your users won’t do that.

Cool. I’m definitely going to give this a try during some upcoming calls.

Regarding the video, you might want to use Wistia instead: gets rid of the pesky problems of Youtube which include the terrible final screen after the video ends which points to other youtube videos: You can also use it to collect emails right in the video.

Good news :slight_smile: Thanks ! Let me know if you have any questions or feedback when you use it.

We initially used Vimeo but couldn’t get the quality to be sufficient. Vimeo support said it was our video card… even though we tried it on 5 computers all with different versions of windows and video cards ?!?
Anyway… so we uploaded the exact same video to youtube and it was much better.

Just wanted to mention we took all of your feedback, made the changes and then blogged about the experience.

Thanks !!

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