Launched New Product.. TV show going to feature it.How to Deal with Them?


I’m an ISV selling a software product.The new product i recently launched got attention from a TV show that features tech products.They have asked me to attend a call with their producer( not live or for the show… i guess; it will be for asking about the product).
I’m not familiar in this turf.I’m a Independent Vendor…not a big MNC Company and i’m not a native English speaker(although i can speak well in my accent) .
Please advice…

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Good luck! The TV show could be some excellent exposure. But remember that it is just one small step on the way, so don’t get too bothered if it doesn’t work out exactly as you hope.

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What is the TV show? Local Access, Local, Cable, National, Network, Streaming etc.? Reason I ask is not all TV exposure is the same. You could jump through hoops and get very little from it. Remember they have airtime to fill.

These are often a scam: you are asked to pay large fees for video production or other services. We have had a number of clients approached by various scam artists once they gained greater visibilty:

  • Be featured in a TV show (that has poor distribution and large production fees).
  • Be featured in a magazine that no one has ever heard of for a large fee.
  • Someone is registering your domain name in China, act now to own the domain.
  • Someone is trying to trademark your name, act now to register your trademark.

etc… Normally a bona fide news organization will not charge you for coverage (as distinct from paid advertising or promotional spots). A PR agency will charge you but they are normally clear that they are an agency and not a news organization.

On this subject: I haven’t trademarked my product name yet. If someone else did it before me, does that give them legal right over my product in that I’d have to hand over all source code, assets, etc, to them? I’m hoping that prior use shows it’s mine (it’s been around for 3 years, had exposure on compilation sites like MajorGeeks, Softpedia, etc) where the staff there have emailed me personally about it. So I feel that would be good evidence that the name belongs to me?

If they have been granted a trademark in the same category as your product then you would need to change your product name. For a list of categories see

If the trademark has been granted (vs. a pending application) to someone else you can document “prior use” in an attempt to challenge the trademark but it’s an uphill battle. See

Thanks for all your replies.Sorry for the late update.It was a scam indeed they needed a big chunk of money and had media plans.It was never mentioned in their first email.

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