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Launched my book, "Choose Your First Product"


Hey folks.

I have finally launched my book, “Choose Your First Product” which is a guide to finding and validating a pretty good idea for first-time digital product creators.

See: https://YourFirstProduct.com

(It’s a physical book, a PDF, an ePub and kindle book.)

If you have any helpful feedback, please let me know. It’s been quite a journey, and I’ve learned a lot in the self-publishing game. Always happy to share knowledge on that front. If you’d rather criticise in private, you can always email leon@yourfirstproduct.com

BIG thank you to the bootstrapped community for tips and pointers over the years. Our beloved @Andy is quoted in there. Andy is a star.

(And there was a @shantnu quote in earlier drafts but it concerned ‘launching’ and launching was cut from the scope of this book, reserved for future books, sorry @shantnu !!)



Good luck! It is one of my unfulfilled ambitions to write a book, but I don’t know when I will ever get around to it.


Yeh it certainly takes a lot of time. I’ve been over the text so many times that the book itself now fills me with revulsion.

Jerry Seinfeld said something like “if you still laugh at your own jokes you haven’t rehearsed enough” — and the book feels that way to me now. But now it’s time to email my list and reach out to people and do all those promotional things when really i’d like to just curl up and read a book— someone else’s!

Really, it was a good feeling to see it in the real world. Definitely recommend it.


I’ve tried twice to write and self-publish books. Both times I’ve given up after a few chapters, as the true amount of work starts to become evident!

Congrats @Leon and good luck with the marketing phase.


Thanks for writing and telling us.
I really liked your site and the article https://yourfirstproduct.com/info/boring-topics .

One suggestion: the info heading and page is a bit hard to find / maybe should named articles.


Thanks unboot (can I call you booty?)

I changed the info heading to ‘articles’. Good suggestion.

At that site I’ve always struggled to find the right way to make the content available, without being prominent over the product offering. I guess it’s a dilemma faced in all content marketing sites, and i’ve probably erred on the side of not making the content visible at all. I’d be open to hearing further suggestions on giving the right level of prominence to the articles.