Latest biz attempt going well, curious to hear opinions

What! … you have a course on Angular on Rails and a Wordpress site! … Geeesh… Why not create a nice Angular on Rails site? … lol

I am a faithful customer of Laracast… I have been giving Jeffrey 9$ a month for quite a while now… get a lot of value for it… and will keep it even if I am months without going… I just like supporting his work… (see, that is good will… I love that… and many like me support him… ).

I hate stuff like … this is bullshit… I will never give him 89$ or 125$ for one course set… looks like a total scam… On the other hand, Laracast looks like he is sharing love … lol

The multiplication of platforms and frameworks are creating many opportunities now… Choose them well … Angular is not the hot thing it used to be… we are in React and Vue now… lol On the enterprise side though Angular being backed by Google is getting traction…

Your mileage might vary… but I would not buy a 199$ course on such a narrow topic… an enterprise might though… but as a developer, I prefer the laracast approach that gives you a wider access to skill sets…

Again… my 2 cents …

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@jasonswett I’m glad you’ve found a new thing that works for you :slight_smile:

Design wise, if you don’t want a theme, follow some of the guidelines from

The thing that will make the biggest difference:

body {
    max-width: 33rem;
    margin-left: auto;
    margin-right: auto;

Anything like the above, to center and keep your line-lengths legible will make a massive difference.

You can see I do similar stuff on

@dtrejo Thanks! That web typography site is right up my alley.

I guess I’ll also just follow up with an update. Here’s my revenue so far:

August: $868
September: $1058
October: $1364 month-to-date

I’m selling a $39 e-book and a $199 set of videos.

My plan as of right now is to spend a good amount of time optimizing what’s there before I add another product. If and when I do add another product I think it will be a big one, like a $999 or $1999 product.