Landing Page Review:

Could use some help with our landing page.

Based on some feedback from a variety of sources, microconf 2014, startuplift, mentors, etc we’ve updated our landing page and could use feedback.

The landing page is on


Overall, looks good, but the heading is a bit confusing. I had no idea what you were selling, and had to read the details below.

I don’t know if this is because I’m an outsider to the industry, or if you need to improve copywriting.

Edit: This quote would be a much better heading:

“The biggest problem with therapy is compliance. They do the exercise and forget it by the time they get home.”

I’ve removed [physical ]. And I would replace the word compliance with something less “official”, but I can’t think of a word at the moment.

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Thanks a lot. I’m, we, are struggling with this aspect of starting a saas business so any feedback is helpful.

I think your messaging is somewhat contradicting… in one place you say, “Provide Better Care” and in another you say, “Don’t let them forget about the excellent care you are providing.”

In the first case, there’s an underlying assumption that the providers doubt their level of care which, in my experience, is unlikely.

You also say, “For physical therapy clinics who want to commit to a better standard of care.”

If the pain point is lack of compliance (or more specifically, billing issues related to lack of compliance) then you definitely want to highlight that. If I had to bet money I’d guess your providers are not sitting around thinking the care they are providing is substandard. They are very aware that the patients aren’t doing their part, which directly affects the provider’s bottom line and that is VERY frustrating to them.

Make them feel it then show them how your service will make that pain go away. :smile:

First of all, the site looks to be coming together nicely. Congratulations on making it as far as you have with your SaaS business! To add to what has been said here, I have a few more tips:

  • Your Drip campaign title is “Free Course: Why Video is Changing Physical Therapy”, I might go with something reworded to address how it can help them, something closer to “Free Course: Grow Your Clinic by Leveraging Video Resources.”

  • Your mobile view needs some padding on the left for your menu navigation. It is butted up to the screen:

  • Also on mobile, your finger icon is bumping into your text.

These are small things. Overall I think you are heading down the right path. Best of luck to you guys!

Sounds like a good niche and an obvious improvement over standard paper handouts. I’d definitely want this as a physical therapy patient.

I took a crack at a couple of alternate headlines that might be a bit more clear:

Your physical therapy patients aren’t following paper handouts
Increase compliance and provide better care with automated video instructions

Increase compliance, save time and provide better physical therapy care
Automatically send professional exercise videos tailored to what your patients need

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