Landing page app with import/upload functionality


I used Unbounce for some time and what really annoyed me - you should do everything with online builder.

I like to do html by myself, other guys i guess would like to hire designer/html dev - anyway output will be an html page. And it will be pain to migrate it to Unbounce.

I googled for some landing page services with upload/import support - none found.

So, i have an idea to build one, really simple app:

  • it allows page upload (html, css, images);
  • gives some basic statistics (similar to Unbounce);
  • handles ‘subscribe form’ submits and saves all emails/other info (with export of course);

What do you think about? Will you use it? Any important features missed?

P.S. This is landing page Any comments appreciated.


As a fellow “I know what I’m doing, and I’m going to do it” person, I share your pain with the extreme “inflexibility” and lack of power (as we perceive it) in existing lowest-common-denominator tools.

The difficulty with making a service which caters to this crowd is that people who know what they’re doing with HTML/CSS are probably going to be like that in other ways, and rather than dropping a few dollars on your service, are likely just to fire up another vhost on the VPS they no doubt have laying around.

My perception of small services is to target audiences which will consider your service to be closer to “magic”, and see that they’d have quite a hard time doing what you provide, and so they give you their money and move on with their business. There are a small percentage of people who could do it themselves who are enllightened enough to value their time accurately and outsource everything that makes economic sense to, but… “small percentage” does not make a profitable business nearly so much as “oooh, magic!”


As a developer I can build the HTML and CSS for a landing page quicker and easier than with Unbounce’s tools (I’ve done both). The problem is the rest of the stuff takes time - unless you have ready to go hosting setting that, the domain, analytics, split testing, mailing list etc will take much longer than you think. I’d happily pay for a platform that let’s me avoid all that. Unbounce’s $45/month for each idea I just want to test the waters with makes me balk though. I think there is an opportunity for a developer friendly landing page service, but as @mpalmer says, I wonder how big the market is.

I wonder how big the market is.

I really curious about it too! It is indeed good question.

I’m trying to measure it with landing page, not much results as for now (just started though).

I would really appreciate some recommendations how to measure the market.