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Hi, first of all, a quick intro: My name is Luis and I’m a 36 yo developer from Portugal. I’ve been lurking around this forum for some time but hadn’t posted anything yet since I was finishing a side project which I’m linking here now to get any feedback.

The service,, is a tool for website owners to manage several creatives (html blocks or images) that will get shown to adblock visitors. I built it to give website owners a bit more control, flexibility, and performance data to the content that your adblock visitors see.

Instead of set-and-forget type scripts that block your content or show the visitor big bold warnings that he/she’s using adblock, allows you to create and easily manage several zones and creatives and get immediate performance data of how many visitors saw or clicked on your creatives. It’s similar to how a very basic ad-server would work but just to manage content for your adblock traffic.

Of course, this service isn’t for everybody and will be of most use to website owners that use display advertising on their website and are worried or curious about what adblock usage is doing to their website/business/profit.

I’m also aware that not everybody is a fan of these types of systems that bypass adblock but I’m hoping that on this forum most people will focus more on the website and business side of it than the potential merits (or lack or) of showing customized content to adblock traffic.

I’m ready to answer any questions and receive any constructive criticism.

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Hi Luis,
the idea really looks good. I feel that your website copy does not speak directly to your audience. Have you tried meeting/talking to creative agencies to hear what kind of language they use to describe this kind of service?

I think you know that here you won’t find potential clients, so take with a grain of salt every advice related to website copy, it may mislead you.

There are tons of forums, facebook groups, etc about advertising, you’ll get so much value from them, including customers. Talk with the admin/mods first to make sure you won’t get flagged as spam, and who knows, if it becomes a good source of customers, strike a deal(discounts to audience, affiliate deal, etc).

You need to work on the website design, it looks amateurish.